Two major updates on the last week of 2010:

In my opinion, a MacGuffin is one of those obscures screenwriting  techniques that some screenwriters (especially newbies) haven’t heard much about it, let alone applied it.

For some silly reason, screenwriting books hardly ever mention it. I don’t know why; they should. But the MacGuffin’s importance is immeasurable. It can’t really save a horrible screenplay, but it can refine a mediocre story. Hitchcock fans will find it particularly interesting. Read here.

What is Cinema? has been updated, now including The Film Scholar’s Insight with a brief clarification on the definition of actualities and documentaries. Check it out.

Happy 2011 everyone! Hope this new decade is filled with peace and many accomplishments to all of us.

Best of luck,

Gabriel Moura

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    Keep up the good job :) Best wishes from San Fran, ~The Funny Shirt Guy~

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